From the Editor

Change is Inevitable

By: Victor Abalos

Everything has changed.

That much is as obvious as it is inevitable. What generates the anxiety that pervades is the uncertainty about what precisely this change will bring. We predict critical sometimes dramatic changes in how the work will get done. But what hasn’t changed – what cannot change – is what has to be done.

We will continue to support efforts to improve education outcomes for our students. They must truly be prepared for 21st Century jobs and careers. We continue to believe the development of a strong Latino middle-class is vital to California’s economic stability.

That’s why we are working with the Pat Brown Institute and their collaboration with the California Community Foundation to provide the leaders of the Southeast Cites and other so-called “710 Corridor” communities with vital data. If good data drives good policy then policymakers there have been given the tools to do nothing less than transform an entire region and the communities and families that live there.

We also strongly support efforts by policymakers to develop regional solutions. It’s why we’re endorsing the Local Government Association’s Yosemite Policymakers Conference this coming March.  Regional gatherings designed to help policymakers delve into policy issues is critical. The LGA has even provided our readers with a 10% discount on registration!

But the Southern California Latino Policy Center also recognizes that like strategies institutions must also adapt to change in order to remain relevant and effective.

We are working on a plan for 2017 and beyond to ensure our organization continues to be a useful force advancing change. Because everything must change.


Victor Abalos: Editor's Blog

Victor Abalos is Executive Director of the Southern California Latino Policy Center and Editor of the Latino Policy Connection.