Policymaker Profile: Norma Edith García – Rio Hondo College Trustee

garcia-2Norma Edith García was re-elected to the Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees in November, 2013. She represents Trustee Area 1 which includes the City of El Monte.
García attended Citrus Community College, transferred and graduated from UCLA, earning a B.A. in Political Science and M.A. in Urban Planning. She served as the Community and Environmental Deputy to former Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina.
García is an ardent believer of building better communities, and works to achieve this through her active participation in numerous civic and professional organizations. García currently serves as the Chair of the California Community Foundation’s ‘Community Building Initiative’, which is a 10-year effort to revitalize the community by engaging residents and developing their leadership, and improving the physical environment and social services. Ms. Garcia is also the Board Chair of the El Monte Promise Foundation.
She presently serves as the Deputy Director of the Planning and Development Agency for Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation.
García is a life-long resident of the beautiful community of El Monte.