Maywood’s Gamble

It was either a brilliant move or a decision made in desperation, but a council majority of the City of Maywood recently hired a new city administrator with no previous local government experience.  The decision was quickly criticized and resulted in less-than positive news coverage.

But when we sat down to talk with Reuben Martinez, a former aerospace executive, we discovered something we do not often encounter in ranks of municipal executives: boundless enthusiasm. Despite the challenges of a state audit and other fiscal problems in Maywood, Martinez remains optimistic he can help guide the city through dark times.

We believe Maywood’s decision offers a unique opportunity to explore this month’s focus in the Latino Policy Connection:

What makes an effective public executive?

One thought on “Maywood’s Gamble

  1. An effective public executive is someone whose top priorities are the interests of the public they serve. That has clearly not been the case in the City of Maywood as the City Council has blatantly violated the Brown Act on several occasions; like when Reuben Martinez was hired as the latest city manager.

    Mr. Martinez #1 qualification is being a friend of Mayor Ramon Medina.

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