Latino Community Can’t Afford To Be Left Out Of Cannabis Industry Opportunities

By:  Phil Reyes

After a slow start, the momentum is now building for the medical cannabis industry to emerge from the shadows.  After decades of demonizing our communities’ natural remedy, a series of measures (most recently the passage of SB94, comprehensive cannabis regulations) are a game changer that will provide good jobs, and substantial revenue.  This is a generational opportunity that Latino communities cannot afford to slip by.

The law now provides substantial public safety safeguards, such as making it a felony to supply cannabis to minors.  It allows patients access to a safe and more effective alternative to opioids.  And it provides business opportunities, jobs, and a stream of revenue for our communities.

Compliance with local laws is required for businesses to acquire a state license in 2018.  Latino communities in front are taking steps to identify green zones, adopt ordinances, and screen for responsible businesses to provide jobs for their communities and to capture their market share of revenue!  Municipalities that do not act NOW will be left behind.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for communities of color to move up in the economic ladder and to create wealth. Let’s not let down our Latino communities!! 


Phil Reyes has over thirty years of professional and public affairs experience with a proven record of strong leadership.  Phil recently launched a new LLC, Professional Organic Solutions / POS, which specializes in assisting municipalities and the cannabis industry in facilitating through the entitlement process.

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