Southern California Latino Policy Center

Latinos have arrived as a political force in California. But it is imperative we translate growing power at the ballot box towards strengthening the Latino “agenda.”

  • Improving educational outcomes for students
  • Addressing critical health issues
  • Jobs and local economic development


We are school board members, city council members, elected city clerks and attorneys, community college trustees and other local Latino elected officials.

We represent a new effort by local policymakers towards greater accountability and a commitment to a higher standard of ethics and transparency.

California’s economic future is relying in large measure on the economic stability and success of our state’s 14 million Latinos. The development of a strong Latino middle-class is vital to California’s economic stability.  This provides an excellent opportunity for us to collaborate in the development of more effective regional solutions.


The Southern California Latino Policy Center is a non-partisan, policy education and research organization created to provide local Latino elected officials from LA County, Orange County and the Inland Empire with resources, research and professional development opportunities designed to help those officials create the most effective and impactful policies for Latino families and all communities.

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